About Us

Dingli Art Museum

Seated in Chongwu peninsula of Hui’an, the "capital of world stone carvings" , Dingli Art Museum was planned and built by Dingli Carvings Group from 2009. It opened on Nov.9th,2013 after five years. Dingli Art Museum is "China's first independent art gallery on stone carvings" which enters the "global classic museums". It combines the outlook of universe of fitting between square and circle ducts and the methodology of traditional Chinese constructions, absorbing some cultural elements in earthen buildings in south Fujian and forms itself into an internationally modern carving art museum.

The whole buildings is made of interwoven”faceted pebbles of gray graites; it includes a center courtyard with square perimeter and round internal space and four interconnected space in the east, west, south and north. Twelve mobile exhibition halls are opened in the Art Gallery from its first floor to the third floor while the international artists salon hall is arranged on the fourth floor. The whole Art Museum is a complete space with modern hi-tech digital imagination performance.

As a non-profit Art Gallery on stone carvings, it aims to provide sculptors from both home and abroad, local sculptors, craft masters, sculpture art lovers and collectors with a professional collection platform for international academic exchanges, art works exhibition, appreciation.

The Art Museum will regularly hold traditional and modern exhibitions on stone and jade carvings for international exchanges and carry out activities like academic seminar, art speech and aesthetic education and perform its role to the society on the basis of professionality.