Director Remarks

Dingli Art Museum opened on Nov.9th,2013 after five years.

Dingli Art Museum opened with WENSHI--Exhibition on China Modern International Stone Carvings Art. We invited many sculptors at home and abroad. The sculptors from America, France, japan made their long-than-usual trip to come. We were here to communicate and “Asking Stone” together. After Exhibition, WENSHI became a symbol of Dingli Art Museum.
 Dingli Art Museum takes it as its own duty to deliver the culture of stone carving and bases on specialization and internationalization, which is the feature differ from other museums. We would like to take art of stone carving as a medium to make each work talk with viewers, that’s a spiritual connection.

For Museum, artists and visitors are the most important. Artists can bring creativity and vitality for museum. However, visitors come here to experience culture of stone carving by a more visual way.

In the future, the Art Museum will regularly hold traditional and modern exhibitions on stone and jade carvings to provide a platform for sculptors at home and abroad, masters of arts and crafts, folk artists. We will try our best to develop the art of stone carving and make Dingli Art Museum a international platform to display art works, communication and academic research.

Therefore, we have been exploring and practicing.

No matter who you are, your support, advice and idea are precious for us. We truly hope you can express your feelings for us after visiting Dingli Art Museum.

Founder\Curator: Xiangrong Wang