Academic Board

Member Introduction

1.Zhongling He was born in 1935, who is a famous sculpture artist, graduate advisor and professor of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts.He enjoys special government allowance granted by the State Council. He graduate from Sculpture Department of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in 1964. The major works are Soul of Baishan, Brethren, Across the Water,Siberian tiger,etc. After his retirement, he works on Large sculpture engineering projects of various subjectse, such as Maitreya pagoda in Anshan,Liaoning, Buddha Palace of Niushou Mountain in Nanjing, etc.

2.Xiaoping Luo: Professor of China Academy of Art.Now he is a faculty dean of public art department of Art Design Department in China Academy of Art, Master Tutor, member of National City Sculpture Art Committee, the director of China Sculpture Institute, Master of China Ceramic Arts, standing vice president and secretary-general of the league of Master of China Ceramic Arts, committees of the CPPCC in Putuo District, the planner of the excellent works Biennale of national college student, appraises expert of Shanghai World Expo Park in 2010, member of IAC, Competition judge of The 9th national ceramic design in 2009, Competition judge of The 7th national ceramic design in 2002, the deputy secretary of sculpture major of China Arts & Crafts Association, the deputy secretary of China Ceramic Association, editorial board member of the Chinese Sculpture Magazine and the presenter of view the West through The Third Eye. He has taught at Shanghai Tongji University and Mesa Community College in Phoenix,Arizona,USA.

3.Buchu Liu, a Freelance Artist and Art Critic, was born in Changsha City of Hunan Province.
Learning and living in Shanghai, and Engaging in art creation for nearly 30 years.

4.Xiangrong Wang, born in Chongwu, Huian in a folk stone carving art family, who has been named to Craft Master of Fujian Province, Stone Art Master of China. He has been designed and carving hundreds of traditional and modern sculptures for guests both at home and aboard, which highly praised by people in the industry and experts. Many of his works won the gold and silver medals, and collected by National Museum, China Arts and Crafts Gallery and Chinese Mintaiyuan Museum, etc.

5.Yukun Chen:born in Quanzhou city, Fujian Province, who graduate from Sculpture Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. Young sculptor.