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WENSHI Art Gallery

Through the ages, In terms of artistic creation, no one knows for sure that how big the world of stone is.Facing the expanse of nothingness, we have no choice but to ask stone. After asking, it must can raise more creators and visiters to think and explore the art of stone. That’s why WENSHI Art Gallery was founded.

WENSHI Art Gallery is located in Chongwu, Huian and founded by Xiangrong Wang who was born in a folk stone carving art family. On the basis of inheriting folk traditional stone carving art, he rethought the function of people and stone in modern life and art. Different kinds of art gallery are in the ascendant, but it’s a very rare platform that takes stone as the dominant factor. There is no doubt that WENSHI Art Gallery is a international online and offline collection platform.

WENSHI Art Gallery stations in Dingli Art Museum, most stone works are created by famous Chinese sculptors,young sculptors,craft masters and others are created by famous sculptors around the world. They contribute their unique emotions and thoughts to our society, and bring more cognitive ideas about stone carving for collectors.

As long as spirit exists in human, human can not live withou art. The artistic works of stone should be one of the needs of human's spirits.