Modern Sculpture·Paintings Exhibition of International Famous Sculptor Gabbarron

Opening time:15:00pm,November 9 , 2015
Duration:2015.11.09 -- 2016.02.23
Location:Dingli Art Museum

Exhibition Preface:

The exploration of Gabarron

Judging with standards like talent, creativity, diligence, work value, status in art history and social significance, people have different understanding on artists. However, no matter with which standard, Cristobal Gabarron, a 70 years’ old artist, lives up to the label of a maestro. It is the pleasure of Dingli art gallery to recommend the first solo exhibition of famous Spanish artist Cristobal Gabarron in Fujian. Audiences may enjoy the shocked elegant demeanour of this Mediterranean artist in Huian – “the city of China stone sculpture”.

With more than 50 years’ pursuit of art, Mr. Gabarron has been polished by time. His drawing and sculpture works attract extensive attention from international field. He is praised by Spain government as an artist who enjoys equal popularity with Picasso. His works own typical artistic characteristics of “avant-garde”, and inherit painting style of abstractionism. His works are inundated with symbol, imagination and metaphor. The intrinsic value of emotion is dig out by the multiple structure consisted by art units. Gabarron, lives in Spain and America, likes original and wild color aesthetics, which seems like the enthusiastic Flamenco in Spain or Indian wild savannah. Christophe Colomb and Nature series are all typical works of this kind. This Spanish sculpture artist combines drawing and sculpture. All elements like Mediterranean style, environment, sky and light show extreme bright color and free modeling of his sculptures. 

To such an artist, technique is not what he mostly pursued. Being different from pioneer art’s artistic ideas of transcending all, works of Mr. Gabarron tend to integrate into society. He created important public arts like murals in Seville world exposition, sculptures in Atlanta Olympic Games, as well as official posters of Millennium Summit and Jubilee Church. He shows his conceptual thinking, such as the significance of art in society, significance of life or the relationship between human being and nature, to everyone. Along with the further thinking, he is increasingly aware of the coexisting necessity of art and society. Gabarron is the first western artist who shows memorial sculptures in public gallery. His sculptures become communal facilities in streets of cosmopolis. New York, Madrid and Paris, his sculptures can be seen every where around the world. Through street sculpture, he combines modern life and urban space into his art dimension. 

In this exhibition, Mr. Gabarron and Wang Xiangrong, the Curator of Dingly art gallery, are specially invited to separately create a small work in the theme of “future”. Through the exchanging of art creation methods and concepts, we will exchange ideas and understandings in arts and international cultures. 

Gao Peng  Doctor 
October 10, 2015
Written in Beijing