The Procedure of Exhibition application:

1.The organizer of the exhibition shall submit a written application to Dingli Art Museum.Filling carefully and signing application form,and send the following materials with the registration form:
-Exhibition Schemes:Name,subject and concept;
-Pictures of artworks or video with word description about works;
- Brief introduction of participating artists;
-Requirements of the exhibition hall(area\ route\height)
-Provide possible media channels in order that media department of the Museum makes overall arrangement.
2. Put exhibition plan application on record and the academic board of Dingli Art Museum makes accreditation.
3. The Dingli Art Museum ( Party A) and the applicant( Party B) sign exhibition agreement. 
Contents of the agreement:
-exhibition title
-hall, date, duration
-works transportation and insurance
-value, insurance, transportation of art works
-Exhibition cost,  terms of payment
-Respective responsibilities (publicity, routine safety, exhibition installation and dismantlement as well as  equipments etc.)
4. The Art Museum designates a project manager who is responsible for making a schedule of exhibitions, making clear the date to submit works and related materials, and date of exhibition installation/dismantlement , responsible for daily communication with applicants and execution about the art museum work .

Apply Online:

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